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The most significant characteristic of the photographers is, they are the witnesses of the era that they belong to. The projects are like the memory of the past for the people in the future. We consider and perceive the past with these projects.
Your demands are not limited with the photographs on this webpage. The photographs on the webpage are just a little portion of a grand archive.

Please contact us for any demand in any subject.

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Aydın Çetinbostanoğlu


Three "Humanity Photo Awards" to My Culturel Photo Works UNESCO & CFPA - 2015

Kültürel Fotoğraf Çalışmalarıma UNESCO ve CFPA'dan Üç "İnsanlık Fotoğraf Ödülü" - 2015


A Human Tragedy in the 21st Century

"Yazidi Refugee Camps"

They are a mostly Kurdish speaking ethnic population. Their belief system has roots in ancient Mesopotamian religions and Zoroastrianism. This is a society that beliefs in the infinity of the world and the nature. They believe that God, who created the world, would never destroy it. Today, there are an estimated 800000 Yazidis in the world. They are experiencing what they consider to be their 74.genocide.  This is because they have a different belief system. They have been subjected to violence and genocide at all ages because they did not want to renounce their faith.

People tell me a lot of stories during live interviews. However, what struck me the most was the words of 17-year-old highschool junior Halime:

"I studied for 10 years. Look where I am now." A sea of shattered dreams, a future full of uncertainty and a wait full of hope. 

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