Aztvadzadzin Celebrations in Vakifli Village

Antakya / Turkey, 15-16.August.2009

Vakifli is the only Armenian village in Antakya city loceted in South Turkey. Every year in mid August thousands of Armenians meet there and celebrate their religious holiday called Aztvadzadzin. First day priest  of the church bless the "salt" as a first step of the celebrations. Village women and men begin to prepare traditional food "Harisa" (Largely used as "keskek" in Anatolia). Meats boil in seven large cauldrons during the night till morning. Seven symbolize, seven villages living in the past on the "Muse Mountain". During the night people dance and fun with traditional music and Armenians songs. Second day priest bless the grape and organize a religious ceremony in the garden of the church. After the ceremony he bless the "Harisa" before distributing to the people. Then village people share the food.


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